Guillermo Puebla

Assistant Professor
Instituto de Alta Investigación
Universidad de Tarapacá
Providencia, Chile

My work focuses on relational reasoning and generalization in humans and artificial intelligence systems. I study these issues through experiments with humans and simulations with computational models of the cognitive processes involved in these tasks. Lately, my work as focused on exploring the relational reasoning capabilities of deep neural networks.

Furthermore, I have a longstanding interest in the psychology of concepts. In collaboration with Sergio Chaigneau and Nicolás Marchant I research the influence of causal knowledge on categorization.

I completed a PhD with Alex Doumas and Andrea Martin at the University of Edinburgh. I then moved to a post-doctoral position at the University of Bristol working with Jeff Bowers. Following this moved to a post-doctoral position at CENIA, and then I moved to my current position of Assistant Professor at Universidad de Tarapacá.